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The Eastwood Civic Association proudly serves the neighborhoods of Eastwood, Broadmoor, Lawndale, Lawnview, W.A. Kirby, Jackson Court, Woodleigh, Eastlawn, Eastwood Oaks, East Bell Place, Dissen Heights, Houston City Street Railroad, Suburban, L. Moore, L.B. Moody, Beverly Park, Pastoriza, W.L. Edmundson, Anderson, W.J. Taylor, S.M. Williams, Wilson Place, East View, Oak Lawn Annex, Hauser, Dor Ruth Court, Muller, Dixie, Georgia, Meadowlawn and Young Mens.



Eastwood is one of Houston’s first master-planned subdivisions. It was designed and developed in 1913 by William A. Wilson, who also developed Woodland Heights. The first residents were young entrepreneurs in the city, business owners, and managers.

The first lots went on sale in June 1912 and Eastwood was officially opened in September 1913. The development was planned with paved streets, cement curbs and sidewalks, city water, gas, electricity, telephones, and sanitary sewerage. The lots were terraced and designed for natural drainage, with landscaped esplanades and the planned placement of trees.

By October 1913, Eastwood was hailed by The Houston Daily Post as a “model suburb, one of the most convenient, attractive and beautiful homesite additions in the city of Houston.” The homes built in Eastwood were custom homes reflecting the early 20th century fondness for Craftsman, Arts & Crafts, Foursquare, and Mission architecture. Today, Eastwood has one of Houston’s largest intact collections of these architectural styles.

Learn more about Eastwood and its historical homes in resident Billie Mercer’s book, Eastwood Today. Or, use this handy guide for a self-guided walking or driving tour of Eastwood.


Monthly Meetings

The Eastwood Civic Association meets at 6:30 PM on the first Monday of every month (no January, April, July or October meetings). Meetings are held in person at the E.B Cape Center on Leeland St. Virtual participation is also provided via Zoom. Please join us!

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The Eastwood Civic Association serves our area by building a strong sense of community. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our residents; protect the value and beauty of our homes and neighborhood assets; and work with local government officials and law enforcement to protect and serve our citizens.
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