2020 Strategic Planning Session

Ahoy! Eastwood community!

The Eastwood Civic Association completed its 2020 Strategic Planning Session this past January 18th, 2020. The full-day event took place at the nearby Houston Maritime Museum and our wonderful facilitator for the session was Jesus Davila from Landing Advisors.

Board members discussed issues that will impact the community for years to come, including: what is the mission of the ECA; what are the values of our membership; and what strategies can we use to tackle issues that we face?

Strategic Goals for 2020

Our discussions generated a series of near-term deliverables that we aim to accomplish this year.

We also created several new standing committees for the ECA. These new committees will:

  1. provide interested residents an opportunity to get involved in a way that suits their personal interests and professional expertise, and
  2. advise the board for the upcoming years.


Aye, Aye! We’re full steer ahead to accomplish these here golds! Err…Goals!

Ahoy mateys!
Stop in fer’ a visit at the Houston Maritime Museum, jus’ a minutes sail away from Eastwood!